Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Congratulations to Committed,
Sing-Off Champs 2010

Last night, true to my predictions, Committed won first place for the second season of the Sing-Off a cappella show which aired over the last three weeks on NBC. I look forward to hearing from them in the future, eagerly await their new CD from SONY Records, and imagine we'll be seeing them perform on tour at festivals around the country next year.

The other three groups, correction, the other nine groups who did not win the grand prize, should be proud of themselves for putting on such an entertaining show for us viewers. It was well worth the time to see each and every TV episode.

The three judges outdid themselves.

I thought Judge Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men really stepped up to the plate, offering not only interesting critiques, but also attempting to put into words the visualizations of the music he feels. I don't know if Mr. Stockman has ever considered writing books or poetry, but I think he'd be a natural.

Judge Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls was very sweet and always provided positive feedback. I imagine all of the male contestants are in love with her at this moment.

And of course, my favorite from last year, Judge Ben Folds, was even more informative than last year, stepping up the level of correct musical terms to exactly describe what the singers were doing. I suppose in a way, he was like a construction engineer, describing how the song was built from the inside out, much as an architect might describe how to build the structural metal scaffolding buried inside concrete walls and clad in glass, something the common every day building inhabitant is not even cognizant of – they just know that they like their office and the way the sunlight wafts gently into the lobby as they enter for work each day.

I would love to see the show extended in 2011, possibly as a one-hour show airing one night a week, perhaps Fridays when the college kids don't have papers to write. I am also quite curious about how on earth these groups put together a song from start to finish: How do they decide what to sing? Who writes their parts or do they just all jump in and see where it lands, tweaking out the bad parts? How on earth do they stay on time with no beat? And does someone have a pitch pipe out there?

Until next year!

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