Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ben Folds should have his own TV music show

Judge Ben Folds has posted his final Sing-Off Season II blog on the finale. The show aired on NBC after Thanksgiving as an off-season filler on five weekday nights (Mondays and Wednesdays), and featured ten a capella groups competing to win a grand prize of cash and a SONY recording contract.

When I read Ben's Sing-Off blog, my first thought was, this fits perfectly sandwiched into the middle of my last blog, right under my second paragraph where I commend the other nine groups who did not win the grand prize. Not only does it explain a bit about what goes on behind the scenes, it also contains links to each group's website, facebook page, and/or twitter account. I was especially glad to read the explanation of why the judges were so in love with the Backbeats, and why pitch was simply not that important in every instance.

Please take the time to read this: On Key with Ben Folds

A lot of fans have suggested that Ben Folds become one of the new replacement judges on American Idol. He does makes a wonderful Sing-Off judge, but I hope he does not end up on American Idol, not because he wouldn't be great at it, but because the show is a sinking ship.

Instead, I would like to hear more from Ben on his thoughts on music in general. He appears to have endless knowledge on just about every music genre, both obscure and popular, and understands what's happening below the auditory surface. He also has excellent taste, is quite articulate on camera and has a huge following: over 330,000 fans on facebook alone. So, why not give Ben his own TV show?

Off camera, Ben Folds mentions that he has actually never seen American Idol due to his very busy schedule and would like to watch some reruns. For anyone who wants to do this, I recommend you go all the way back to Seasons 2 through 4 when the show was in my opinion, at it's peak. Changes in later years have been it's downfall and include everything from tryout footage being cut (the group tryouts were my favorite part of the show); stacking the deck with better singers of one race or sex in an effort to get a winner who's white, female, black, blonde or whatever (yes, we at home were on to you); splitting up competitors into unfair groups; showing favoritism in order to sway the voting public towards a certain winner; and perhaps the worst change of all: adding a fourth judge which cut down the time each judge had to speak.

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