Thursday, May 26, 2011

Casey Anthony trial hottest thing on TV right now

R.I.P. Caylee Marie Anthony.

For those of us living in central Florida, Casey Anthony has been a hot topic of many a conversation over the past three years since her daughter, cute little 2-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony, disappeared. From the first word she was reported missing on July 17, 2008, we in Central Florida posted flyers around the neighborhood looking for a purported babysitter abductor and volunteered to search in the woods for the missing child. Our area churches held candlelight vigils. On December 12, 2008, a utility worker found the body of a child close to the Anthony home not far from the street, which sadly proved to be Caylee’s remains.

Her mother, Casey Anthony, has been accused by the Florida State prosecutors of killing her daughter and disposing of her body in the woods near the Anthony family home. She is now being tried for the crime and the trial is being broadcast live on TV. After three years of unending news coverage, speculation, and opinions, most of us living in the Orlando area feel as if we are a part of the drama ourselves. Real life is indeed more bizarre than fiction.

Now, due to the magic of cable TV, the rest of the world gets a chance to peer into the fish bowl of our lives, as the trial of Casey Anthony is suddenly broadcast live across the airwaves. People who were a part of the Anthony family’s lives during the ordeal: friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, and others in the community – some of whom we Florida residents ourselves know personally, are now becoming a part of the historical worldwide TV broadcast as they are put on the witness stand and questioned by both sides of the legal system.

I imagine that the makers of headache medicine as well as the local bars are doing a steady business around the courthouse. I’ve been on a witness stand myself and feeling shaky and distraught is an understatement. You want to tell the truth, but you’re afraid of accidentally leaving out crucial information, being led down a path of deception by clever legal strategists, and leaving not feeling you had the chance to fully represent the facts. I feel badly for those who are forced to live through this ordeal under the microscope of live TV.

A complete rundown of what’s happening is being well documented online via our wonderful local newspaper, The Orlando Sentinel. Here is the link to their trial coverage on their website: . There is so much information here and elsewhere, if you haven’t been following it from day one as most of us in Orlando have been, it will take you a few days to wade through all the articles and posts.

After preempting regularly scheduled programming on all of the major local networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, AND NBC) during the first day of opening arguments, the trial is currently now being broadcast locally live on our Brighthouse TV cable news channel 13 here in Orlando. With few commercial breaks, and regular news reports during breaks, this local news channel is offering the best, uninterrupted broadcast in our area.

You can also see the case aired live on truTV, “In Session,” channel 60 on Brighthouse cable here in Central Florida. Friends of mine residing in other parts of the country are picking up the broadcast on this channel as well as on other court TV stations.

The trial is expected to last up to eight weeks and is already the talk of the town in the local coffee shops. Word yesterday was that no one was watching Oprah Winfrey’s 25-year show finalee. Instead, they were glued to the Casey Anthony trial. We haven’t had such an exciting court case air since the O.J.Simpson trial.