Thursday, August 6, 2009

Boycott Idol, if Paula doesn’t get a raise!

On Wednesday, several news sources reported the details of why host Paula Abdul has decided to quit the hit FOX television marvel, American Idol. At first, it seemed that her demands for more money seemed unreasonable. However, it’s only fair that she be paid at least a decent percentage of what her male cohort, Simon Cowell, is paid. If Paula doesn't get offered a decent raise, I for one, plan to boycott the show when it airs next January.

Here's the salary breakdown:

Simon Cowell - $36 million per year
(according to the New York Post, Oct. 13, 2008 article)

Ryan Seacrest - $10 million per year,
plus a $15 million upfront bonus for licensing usage over the next 3 years, for $45 million total over 3 years.
(according to the New York Times, July 13, 2009 article)

Paula Abdul – formerly $2 million per year,
(plus $1.5 for show related expenses, such as hair, makeup, clothes, stylist, transportation, and security, which I don't feel can be counted as salary).
Offered $5 million per year (according to the New York Times, August 5, 2009 article).
Asked for $20 million (according to, July 20, 2009 article).

Randy Jackson – estimated at $2 million per year.
( stated on August 22, 2003 that he and cohost Paula Abdul were both vying for a raise to $1.5 million each that year. Since Paula is now making $2 million, I have to assume Randy is making the same).

Kara DioGuardi – estimated at $2 million per year.

There are only two people on Idol who cannot be replaced: Paula and Simon. The two offer a colorful Yin and Yang of critiquing Idol hopefuls -- one spiritually positive, one sarcastically negative.

I can take or leave Ryan and Randy. Though both are talented and likable, I could easily imagine either being replaced.

Kara makes a miserable host – she talks far too much and leaves no time for Simon. Plus, she repeatedly echoes the ugly truths about the music industry that we don't really want to hear: that producers prefer the young, charming, pretty people, who are the "complete package." Who cares about looks when you’re listening to music?

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