Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Emmys: Why It Really Is Such An Honor Just To Be Nominated!

It’s Emmy time again and the nominations were announced today. A list can be found on the official website.

Unlike other awards, the Emmys are special. They aren’t based on ratings, DVD sales, or the number of soap boxes sold during the commercials. Instead, the winners are chosen by their peers, the members of “the Academy.” So, even if your show is going to be cancelled because some network idiot scheduled it in the time slot against American Idol and no one watches it, you can still walk away with an Emmy. Hooray!

Who is “the Academy?” The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is made up of over 15,000 professionals who create the shows you see aired on television. It is composed of not only actors, writers, directors and producers; but also of hair and makeup specialists, composers, camera operators, animators, editors, set designers, sound engineers, costumers, stunt people, even commercial writers and actors, publicists, and agents (how did they get in there?)

There’s even a category for Interactive Media, which this blog is sadly, not... Oh, well!

But, if you think that you can just sit back on your laurels and get an Emmy, you’re wrong. Just like winning the biggest pumpkin award in the county fair, you have to pay an entry fee and submit your entry. Sorry! No one’s going to come out into your field and measure your pumpkin.

Someone (maybe you?) must fill out the entry forms in person or online and pay the fee in order to apply for one of the 83 possible awards. Samples, such as DVDs, tapes, or artwork must be included. Entry fees cost anywhere from $200 to $900 for each entry.

However, the good news is that if you join the Academy and pay the measly $160 membership, the fee can be waived. Plus, then you get to go to the awards ceremony and hover in the nose bleed seats for hours! Whoo Hoo!

In order to join the Academy, you must be credited for work you’ve done in the TV business (even as a volunteer). A full list of requirements is up for interpretation on the Academy’s website at:

Every member of the Academy gets the chance to vote for their favorites among the vast pool of entrants, which is why, in this particular case, getting nominated is such an honor.

However, only a panel of volunteer judges made up of Academy members will pick the actual winners.

The Emmys will be presented on Sunday, September 20 and will be hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, who is currently starring on, How I Met Your Mother on CBS.

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