Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Day You’re In, and Then You’re Out…And Back In Again!

After sitting on pins and needles over legal negotiations, Project Runway, the hit fashion design reality show, has left the NBC owned Bravo TV network and is now back on the air on the Lifetime TV network, which is co-owned by Hearst Corp. and the Walt Disney Company. Season 6 will premiere tonight at 9 PM on Lifetime (Channel 40 in Orlando on Brighthouse Cable) in a 2-1/2 hour blitz of 3 new introductory shows.

The first, at 9 PM, will be a “reunion” challenge featuring past contestants.

The second, at 10 PM, will be the official season premiere which will introduce this year’s contestants in their sunny new location of Los Angeles. If you miss it, don't fret, for it will re-air at 11:30 PM tonight and ten more times this week (check the schedules).

The third show, at 11 PM, will finally sew up the mystery of who the models are. It’s about time. Though technically also in competition amongst each other for a spread in a fashion magazine, viewers have previously only had a glimpse into their lives.

Project Runway is a fabulous show and I highly recommend it for everyone who has had the slightest fascination with fashion. I thought myself to be quite competent, even a little creative, as I modified Simplicity and McCall’s patterns to create my own cute little dresses in high school. However, these guys blow me out of the water. Without patterns, and armed with a pair of scissors, a tape measure, and gorgeous designer fabric, these super talented designers of all ages (24 to 50), construct fabulous couture fashions within only a day or two.

Contestants are advised by the serious, but ever fabulous, Mr. Tim Gunn, the Paula Abdul of Project Runway – caring and compassionate and everyone’s biggest cheerleader. Gunn will circle the work room, giving fatherly advice to designers, kindly voicing, “I’m concerned,” “Make it work,” and the approving, “Carry on.” Gunn’s day job is chief creative officer for Liz Claiborne – now there’s a boss I’d like to have.

The show is hosted and judged by the incredibly gorgeous and talented Heidi Klum, whose brains are an equal match for her beauty.

Returning are our other two favorite judges: fashion designer Michael Kors; and fashion maven Nina Garcia, the current fashion director for Hearst Corp.’s Marie Claire magazine.

On the fringe, the Bravo TV network is smartly rerunning seasons 1 through 5 in order to capitalize on all the current buzz. I have to warn you, once you start watching, you’ll be hooked!

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