Wednesday, September 16, 2009

South Park Roasts Kanye “Gay Fish” West

If you saw South Park last night on Comedy Central, you probably thought that four, yes 4, episodes of "You're a Gay Fish" was a mistake. I know I did and found myself repeatedly switching back and forth between Comedy Central (66 on Brighthouse in Orlando) and several other channels while I tried to figure out what was happening.

"Someone programmed it and it's stuck," said my friend.

"They probably went out for pizza and will get back to work, just in time to get fired," I replied.

"I doubt anyone at Comedy Central is paying attention. They must be watching baseball."

Not so, my dear friends!

It turns out that the whole "run four of the same South Park episode in a row" was a very cleverly devised strategy aimed at embarrassing our dear friend, Kanye West, in retaliation for his rude stage-crashing behavior at the MTV VMA awards on Sunday night (see Monday's blog below).

Touché! I say! Touché...

The Comedy Central website made note of the show's four-peat Kanye roast in a tiny little mention in the "Central Updates" section. Click on it and you'll be led to an ingenious, Kanye West Apology Generator, devised by fellow blogger, Andrew Ti at, which will help Kanye out next time he loses control and puts his foot in his mouth.

The South Park episode begins with Jimmy writing a new, "You like fishsticks?" joke for his comedy routine. The joke is passed around and eventually ends up on the air, where Kanye West takes it a bit too personally and makes a public statement that he is neither gay, nor a fish. The episode ends with Kanye finally admitting to being a gay fish, diving into a lake, and singing to a few colorfully gilled snappers, marlins, salmon, yellow fin, trout, and bass. "I wanted to be free, with other creatures like me, and now I got my wish, 'cause I know that I'm a gay fish." From the South Park website, you can hear the entire song (click on the speaker to listen) or see a snippet of the video. It's all in good taste (snicker, okay, not really), but quite funny.

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