Monday, September 14, 2009

Drama fills MTV’s Video Music Awards

Last night’s annual MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards) were filled with outrageous drama as star after star attempted to outdo each other in shocking the audience.

Best new artist, Lady Gaga, appeared to bleed all over her white gown as she performed, Paparazzi, which won best art direction. She later returned dressed in red lace from face to thigh to accept her moonman. Jack Black paid homage to the devil while wearing a muscle suit and carrying a plastic anvil. Pink did aerial acrobatics while suspended several feet above the stage.

But perhaps the most shocking event was when Kanye West jumped on stage and grabbed the microphone from best female video award winner, Taylor Swift, while she was giving her acceptance speech. West proclaimed, “Taylor, I’m really happy for you, and I’m gonna let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time.”

I’m shocked by the number of inappropriate public outbursts on live television this week: First, Republican Joe Wilson rudely shouted, “You lie!” during Barack Obama’s health care reform speech on Sept. 9; Tennis star Serena Williams viciously threatened a line judge with, "If I could, I would take this (blanking) ball and shove it down your (blanking) throat," during a semifinal match at the US Open on Saturday, Sept. 12; and West’s embarrassing outburst marks the third this week. Wilson’s outburst cost him the respect of American voters; Williams’ outburst cost her a win and a $10,000 fine; and West’s outburst cost him his front row seat as he was ejected from the theater.

I actually don’t like Beyonce’s Single Ladies video. Maybe it’s my sourness over current politics that makes me prefer the colorful, sweet, storyline in Taylor Swift’s You Belong with Me video. Maybe it’s Beyonce’s crudely sexual, odd dance movements that make me too uncomfortable to enjoy the video (Even Britney Spears' Womanizer video is more tasteful). Maybe it’s the way the producers stretched the film to make Beyonce look unnaturally thin.

On the other hand, I did find Beyonce’s own good-natured parody of her Single Ladies video on Saturday Night Live with Justin Timberlake completely hilarious. Now, that was bey-rilliant and I would give her every award in the book for that fabulously entertaining performance. (found here on youtube – the baby intro is very short.)

In the end, West’s efforts were a foolish waste of words. Beyonce’s Single Ladies video won three awards, including the highest prize, “Video of the Year.” After receiving the coveted award, Beyonce courteously invited Taylor Swift to take the stage and finish her “best female video award” acceptance speech.

A complete list of award winners are found on MTV’s website.

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