Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sylar's Inside Joke --
An Homage to Star Trek

Quinto as Spock at left. Quinto as Sylar at right.

If you happened to catch last night's episode of NBC's hit TV show, Heroes, "Into Asylum," you would have seen an homage to the upcoming Star Trek movie where the actor who plays Sylar, Zachary Quinto, will play Spock.

How do you give Quinto some time off to film the new Star Trek movie while continuing the incremental Sylar story line? You give him the ability to shape shift. This allows Sylar to be played by a whole slew of different actors. So, last night, Sylar learned a new trick -- shape shifting -- by stealing the ability in a very un-Sylar-istic manner: cutting out the microscopic power-giving brain tissue with a knife. (I still wonder, does he just touch the brain, eat it, absorb it, or what?) Since the shape shifter was impersonating Sylar at the time of his death, everyone now thinks that Sylar himself is dead.

At the end of the episode, we find federal officer Danko and Sylar leaving in a car together with plans to team up to eradicate more Heroes.

Danko asks, "So, how did that feel, zipping up that body bag?"

"Cathartic," says Sylar, "Poetic."

The camera closes in on Sylar's face as he looks in the passenger mirror. His eyes darken, his skin takes on an alien pallor, and with his fingers, he pushes up his eyebrow.

"And tactically fortunate."


The new Star Trek movie is set to hit theaters on May 8, 2009. I, for one, cannot wait.

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