Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How Cool Is It to See Heroes 3 Times a Week?

When I first began to watch NBC’s Heroes, I thought, “Oh, great! Now, I have another ‘soap opera’ to schedule my life around.”  I began to watch the show because I love science fiction and fantasy. I was not disappointed by the story line, where ordinary, everyday people across the globe discover by accident that they have superpowers. The first season featured their moments of discovery, but added in the thrill and danger of a superpower hunter, Sylar, who seeks out these people to kill them and steal their powers. Each season brings a new dynamic of mystery to the show.  With all the problems we are currently suffering in the real world, TV shows like Heroes are a wonderful retreat from reality. 

Although I love the show, I am still finding myself rearranging my schedule in real life to accommodate my TV watching life. What ever happened to the good ol’ days when TV shows were ‘self-contained?’ You know, when you could watch an episode one week, skip three weeks, and watch another episode a month later and not feel you’ve missed anything.

Fortunately, with Heroes, I have three time slot choices where I can watch each week’s show on TV. First, I can watch it at it’s regularly scheduled time on Monday night at 9:00 PM on NBC. If I miss it, I can watch it on G4 at 10 PM on Tuesday or 5:30 PM on Wednesday. The schedule is on G4’s Web site.

If I miss it on TV, I can still catch the latest episode on NBC’s official Heroes website, possible through the magic of the Internet and a high speed DSL cable hookup. In addition, I can also watch animated episodes, learn more about different aspects of the show on Heroes Evolutions, and even join in on the conspiracy theory discussions.

(By the way, speaking of theories: I think Tracey Strauss will reassemble herself with the help of another Hero. She blinked, so she’s not dead, after all. Perhaps Danko will put her in a jar on his desk, proudly on display, and a Hero will add a drop of Claire’s blood to the jar to help her reassemble herself. We also have yet to meet Barbara, Tracey's twin.

I also think Danko may actually have superpowers of some sort which he’s hiding and will reveal only when he feels all the other heroes have safely been put away. Doesn’t he remind you of someone, Adam (Kansai), perhaps? Of course, if he was Adam, he would have to have somehow lost his powers of time travel over the many hundreds of years which have passed since he first appeared in feudal Japan.)

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