Monday, October 24, 2011

Sugarland Spoofs the Sing-Off

Sugarland performed an a cappella version of "Love Song" in Atlanta Saturday night under the name, "Aurora Bareilles."

I suppose that the producers of The Sing-Off, the hit TV show featuring a cappella singing performances, had no idea what goodies were in store when they picked Sara Bareilles as the third judge, replacing Nicole Scherzinger, who left the show to join the X-factor. Sara B has some very sweet friends — specifically the band, Sugarland — who thought it would be a great treat to play a little prank on Sara Bareilles on their last day on tour together, by performing an impromptu surprise a cappella rendition of "Love Song," on stage for all of their delighted fans.

Sara Bareilles began touring with Sugarland in West Virginia on June 16. They ended their tour with the October 22 show in Atlanta, GA, which culminated nearly 30 shows together.

In the world of music, the last show is where the band pulls out all the stops, having that last hurrah together, and bringing guests on stage to join them, performing unusual renditions, then carrying on until all hours of the night in an "end-of-tour" private celebration. However, both Bareilles and Sugarland went the extra mile.

In what must have been a carefully planned prank, the entire 7-member Sugarland tour band entered the stage in matching black and white sweatsuits, then began dancing and snapping in a wonderfully choreographed rendition of Sara Bareilles' hit song, "Love Song" under the alias, "Aurora Bareilles." Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush are extra careful to fully annunciate each and every word, a joke in reference to SaraB's comments as a judge on the Sing-Off. View the video here.

Later that evening, Sara Bareilles' own touring band pranks Sugarland while Jennifer Nettles sings her remix of popular songs, "Everyday America," by coming out on stage impersonating the performers who originally sang the songs featured in the medley. The Sugarland website blog tells the story better than anyone. Read it here.

Be sure to watch Sara Bareilles in action on the Sing-Off on NBC tonight. The eight remaining groups will perform on tonight's show. The show airs on Mondays from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. EDT. Here in Orlando, you can find it on WESH TV 2, Brighthouse cable channels 4 and 1020, and in reruns online and on 304.

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