Friday, September 30, 2011

Ben Folds to co-host
Hoda and Kathy Lee show today

Professor Ben Folds from the Sing-Off will be co-hosting the Hoda and Kathy Lee show today, Friday Sept 30, which airs during the last hour of the Today show. He will be filling in for Kathy Lee Gifford, who is off in Seattle at the 5th Avenue Theater working on a musical she's written called "Saving Aimee." Dr. Folds is following suit of each of the 4 hosts and judges of the Sing-Off: Sara Bareilles co-hosted on Tuesday, Shawn Stockman co-hosted on Wednesday, and Nick Lachey co-hosted on Thursday.

You never know what will happen on the Hoda and Kathy Lee show. On Tuesday, Sara Bareilles hula hooped! She brought along three of her friends from her past a capella group to sit quietly in the audience off camera. However, after singing a small snippet of something in perfect three-part harmony, the friends were invited to sing segment teasers on everything from boots to camera shoots. It was adorable! I think they should get the job of following Sara B around in her every day routine, providing a musical sound track to her life, and perhaps become the B's Knees. Now, wouldn't that be cute?

I suspect that Dr. Folds will get to answer a poll on relationships, view a fall fashion show, mash squash in a cooking segment, and or perhaps sip a microbrew or margarita. I would love it if they let him sing and play something from his new 3-disk Retrospective CD which is due to be released on Oct. 11.

The show will air from 11 am to 12 noon on NBC channel 4, or 1020 HD on Brighthouse Cable in the Orlando, FL area.

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