Thursday, May 14, 2009

Katy Does Idol

Last night, American Idol viewers were treated to a Vegas show-like performance by none other than Katy Perry, who chose the occasion to introduce the world to her new single, “Waking Up in Vegas.” Perry made it clear who she was routing for this Idol Season – her female elvis costume, complete with cape, was embroidered in lipstick red with the name, “Adam Lambert.”

The complete video was released only about a week ago and can currently be seen on YouTube (TV on demand!) at: Waking Up in Vegas.

NOTE: I was going to tell my readers to catch the video on my favorite video music station, MTV or VH1, but then I remembered that neither station, even the alternate versions of them, show many real music videos anymore. Such a shame! However, the MTV website does not disappoint. Catch a really, super cool documentary on the complexities of making the “Waking Up in Vegas” video at: (Note: scroll down to the window below the article, the one with the arrow.) In it, you'll hear about the cute guy in the video, the Bob Mackie dress, Perry's wigs, her favorite outfit, and how she was able to pull off cameos by some famous and impressive Vegas icons.

By the end of American Idol, Perry's gamble paid off and Adam Lambert was chosen to be one of the two finalists after Danny Gokey (sniff!) didn’t earn enough votes. Kris Allen, who’s voice I’ve ironically compared to Katy Perry, was the other finalist.

As I’ve said before and will many times again, it doesn’t matter who wins at this point. This isn’t the last we’ll see of Gokey, or any of the other fantastic Idol competitors this season. As a matter of fact, I'll make a prediction now that this will be the most successful "after idol" group of contestants the show has ever featured.

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