Thursday, April 2, 2009

Big Surprise -- Another Wild Card Down

As Megan Joy Corkrey leaves American Idol after being voted off yesterday, I can’t help but wonder: Were the judges wrong to pick her as one of the wild cards? Should there have even been any wild cards?

If viewers had been allowed to vote in their twelve favorites from the entire pool of 36 final contestants, I don’t believe that either Corkrey or Jasmine Murray, eliminated second, would have made it. Sadly, I don’t think Anoop Desai will be around much longer, either.

The judges picked their wild cards primarily by looks.

But, the proof is in the iTunes. When I close my eyes and listen to the contestants sing, it’s very apparent who could possibly be successful in the “real world.” Yes, there will be men flocking after Corkrey and Murray. Yes, there will be preteen girls who want to be them. But no, I won’t pay money to buy their recordings. Sorry, gals.

My theory is that Matt Giraud would have been voted in if viewers hadn’t been limited in their number of choices.

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